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Topics & Timecodes

• Intro [00:00]
• Business headaches [01:09]
• How to find, train, and keep good crew members discussion [04:41]
• How to find, train, and keep good crew members solutions [10:08]
• How to get solid lead flow [16:10]
• Best website layout [17:05]
• Google Ads Secret Sauce [22:05 ]

• Google Maps Climb [23:40]
• Local SEO Domination [26:00]
• Google Reviews Boost [31:44]
• Social Media Targeting [32:53]
• How to increase conversion rates [33:46]
• Conclusion [42:02]

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Client Testimonials

“I guess you guys did too good of a job because I couldn't keep up with all the phone calls coming in. I never had a problem this year with not having enough leads.

Philip M.

Jordan and his team held my hand through the whole marketing aspect of our business. We are so grateful for their experience and upbeat, helpful, knowledgeable work at creating a website for us and marketing. I recommend them to anyone that is overwhelmed with doing it alone.

Musette R.

An amazing Marketing company!  I love that they don't have a contract.  I had leads to contact within minutes of my first advertisement and anytime I need help they answer the phone and give me anything I need.  They also built me a beautiful website.

Loretta D.

Working with them has been the very best thing for my business! I have had such a great experience working with them for my marketing and my website! They really listen to my needs as a business owner, and they do everything possible to target the marketing to the right demographic for my business!

Tyler T.

Jordan has been great to work with. They have gone above and beyond in their service. I would highly recommend them! They provide top quality work, and make running a business so much easier, leaving me time to focus on my work.

Zack K.

Jordan is AMAZING at what he does. His attention to detail and the relationship he has with his customers if out of this world! 10/10 would recommend him to anyone I know.

Matt T.

If you are tired of web designers who DISAPPEAR  after they set you up. Change channels.  Unbelievable increase in our sales and marketing.  Jordan and Cameron are awesome to work with. Every business owner needs to check these guys out!

Tammie A.

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Explore our comprehensive collection of case studies, showcasing how we've transformed local service businesses through innovative digital marketing strategies. These real-life success stories provide in-depth insights into our approach, the challenges we've overcome, and the significant growth our clients have experienced.

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